USA-Yorkshire: Wednesday 24 August 2022

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Day 7: A Twist in the Tale

If you were checking FlightAware and FlightRadar24 on Tuesday for progress towards Goose Bay, you may have noticed that the aircraft didn’t seem to go anywhere.

Message received from Brian at Blog HQ on Tuesday evening: “I received an email from the owner showing results of oil analysis conducted a few weeks ago. It’s not good…”

Message received from Brian at Blog HQ overnight: “Hi, off with Delta to JFK, only about one hour. Change, then over the pond, arriving LHR at 10:10.”

More details to come when the Brian returns home, but it sounds like there were significant levels of metal showing up in the oil, which indicate that the engine is not functioning at optimum levels for safe flight.

So Brian and Chris will not be flying the Cessna 182 across the Atlantic, and will instead be coming home in a more conventional aircraft.

Here is an explanation of why pilots do engine oil analysis, from

When a gasoline or diesel engine develops an unexpected problem, it leaves the owner stranded at the side of the road. When an aircraft engine develops an unexpected problem, it can have far more serious consequences … Aircraft engines and repairs can cost thousands of pounds. When you invest in a new engine or an overhaul, you want to make sure tolerances are set correctly and the engine parts are working well together – not only to get the most time and enjoyment possible out of your investment, but to literally protect your life.

Basically, metals in the oil can suggest that some engine parts aren’t functioning correctly together and are (microscopically) grinding bits off each other as they move.

So, sorry readers, but that’s the end of the ferry trip! But of course the happy bit is that Brian and Chris and the aircraft are all safe.

Hopefully a debrief will follow when they return, but for now, thanks for reading, and do still feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page or to ask Brian & Chris a question.

***Update (Afternoon of Weds 24 Aug) ***

Brian and Chris are home safe and well. As mentioned above there will be lots of details to follow, so keep checking back here for the debrief (or sign up for the email notifications).

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