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About Brian

I gained my private pilot’s licence in the UK in 1976, and since then I have been constantly adding to my aviation qualifications and experience.

My flying career has taken me to many countries in the world and continues to evolve, but so far my experiences and qualifications include:

  • over 10,300 logged flying hours
  • over 8,000 instructional hours
  • CAA flight instructor with the following class ratings:
    • Single Engine (Land & Sea)
    • Multi Engine (Land), TMG
    • “non-part 21 aircraft”
  • CAA flight instructor for other ratings:
    • IR (single, multi)
    • flight instructor courses
  • CAA flight examiner:
    • SE Land
    • ME Land
    • TMG
    • IR(R)
  • FAA Airline Transport Pilot Licence
  • FAA flight instructor:
    • single engine (land & sea)
    • multi engine (land and sea)
    • commercial
    • instrument rating
  • Chief Flying Instructor of my own flying school, BM Aviation (UK) Ltd.

Below are the basic elements of my professional and aviation career so far:

YearBased inCareerCAA FlyingFAA Flying
1969 – 1975LeedsJoined IBM as a Field Engineer
1975     / 1976LondonIBM: 6 months assignmentTrial Lesson, Denham – HOOKED!
1976 – 1978LeedsIBM: Field EngineerPPL, Sherburn. IMC.
1978  – 1981Raleigh NC,  USA.IBM: 3 year assignment!FAA Multi Engine; Commercial;  Instrument Rating;  Instructor; ATP. Paradropping. Seaplane (SE, ME) Started Ferrying.
1981 – 2002WinchesterIBM Labs: Development Engineer. Left IBM Now full time aviator.Commercial, IR, Instructor, PPL & Radio. Examiner, SE, ME. Paradropping, Air Taxi.
2002  –  2013Jerez, SpainInstructor and examiner for Flight Training Europe, then own school (BM Aviation)Added TMG and Seaplane Rating. Instructor for both.FAA flight reviews, Instrument Proficiency Checks.
2014  –  Now…LeedsFlight instructor & examinerBecame LAA coach, instructing on LAA aircraft. All types.FAA flight reviews, Instrument Proficiency Checks.
More Ferry Flights.