USA-Yorkshire: Saturday 20 August 2022

meeting N21219

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Day 3: South Bend, Indiana, to Bangor, Maine

My new friend! My card wouldn’t work on the self serve fuel pump. Jarret, RHS, said “No problem. Let me pay for your fuel. You can send me a check when you get home”!

Parked up for the night

Fabulous weather

Off to the hotel for the night

South bend Indiana to Syracuse New York - Brian Mellor USA-UK ferry trip 2022
South bend Indiana to Syracuse New York (Screenshot from

Live info from

Syracuse, New York to Bangor, Maine (Screenshot from

Screenshot from FlightRadar24: South Bend, Indiana, to Syracuse, New York

Screenshot from FlightRadar24: Syracuse to Bangor

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One response to “USA-Yorkshire: Saturday 20 August 2022”

  1. Great photos. Keep them coming


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