USA-Yorkshire: Sunday 21 August 2022

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Day 4: Bangor, Maine…

Brian and Chris had planned to fly to Goose Bay, Canada on Sunday, but due to logistical issues (lack of a fuel supplier?) switched to Plan B. Plan B involved staying all day in Maine, but at least they could catch up on some sleep and some admin.

Still parked in Bangor, Maine

Anyway, it’s probably just as well that they get some extra rest in, before the serious (transatlantic) flying begins.

Hopefully some photos to follow, but in the meantime here are the links again for tracking them live when they do set off again…: (click the ‘play’ buttons to see a map of each leg of the route).

…and here is a story from Day 3:

New places, new friends. 

At Searle we were surprised to find – no-one at all! Came here as a fuel stop, so it should have worked with the self-serve pumps. Except the machine would not accept my card! Never mind, jump back in and go to another one nearby. “Grant Municipal Airport” – must be loads of people there. Nope. We pulled up to the pumps, and another aircraft parked in front of us. We were in no rush, so I let the other guy go first. When it was my turn, I found my card was refused again! The gent on the right of the picture said “Look, I’ll pay for your fuel. I’ll give you my address and you can just send me a check when you’re ready”. I was truly amazed! 

Now we wanted some lodging and food so I asked another pilot where we could get this. 

“There’s nowhere in walking distance, but we have a courtesy car over there that you can use to drive into town. The keys are probably inside”.

They were. Drove into town, saw the Sheriff washing his car windscreen at a gas station so I stopped to ask him. Very friendly guy, he said the town is so tiny it doesn’t have a hotel or restaurant. I couldn’t resist telling him about the guy I’d never seen before buying fuel for me. He smiled and simply said “Sir, welcome to  middle America.”

Anyway, Jarrat is now on my Christmas card list. What a super guy. 

Brian in the middle, and Jarrat on the right.

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  1. Lots of stories to tell on your return I bet! Following with great interest


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